Business –

James Humphrey is a Professional Account Executive, Author and Video Internet Marketer.   He runs TopVideoMarketingCourse.com to help businesses us Video to capture customers.    This site is dedicated to people looking to increase their cash flow and success through Video Marketing.

Every other week a new Video Newsletter will go out to the team with tips, tricks and some case studies on how Video Marketing is working for our customers.   Remember to Sign up for the Newsletter so you don’t miss out.

You can subscribe here  http://eepurl.com/tE8zD

Personal – 

I’ve dove the tropical seas, swam with sharks and recovered sunken treasure from shipwrecks.  I’ve danced with Paris in Vegas and played craps with Vanilla Ice. Mike Tyson played poker next to me at the Hard Rock Cafe and I’ve even seen the Dali Lama in person.

White water rafting in North Carolina to Para-Sailing in Panama,  if it has to do with getting a new perspective on life I’m in.

While I’m not the most interesting man in the world…….I’m working on it.   :  )

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